Privacy Policy

Jash Living Pty Ltd (ABN 81 126 746 558) is committed to protecting the privacy of any information given by its customers.

This statement sets out Jash Living Pty Ltd policies and practices relating to the use, collection and disclosure of information.

Information gathered by this website may includes details of your name, billing address, delivery address, phone numbers, credit card details and email particulars. Personal information collected by Jash Living Pty Ltd from customers is used to service customers and to communicate with customers.

Jash Living Pty Ltd, from time to time, communicate with customers consenting to receive material through the use of emails, newsletters, offers, promotions, sales and other relevant material regarding the website, stores and Products. All information is securely stored and managed by Jash Living Pty Ltd. Jash Living Pty Ltd does not share this information with any other organisation other than its related businesses and those directly related to the services stated above.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please feel free to contact Jash Living Pty Ltd Customer Service department.